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January 2018


    The Crush

    the crush

    I steal a glance, Walk past your way Hoping you will catch my eye Sometimes you smile and make my day At other times, you simply walk on by I wait for you to say a word Share some pieces of your life Sometimes we chat of things absurd Like Hogwarts houses, or cultural strife I hear whispers from those around How you might feel same as I Sometimes I think You’ll ask me more But then you just nod…

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  • gratitude

    Weekly Gratitude 2018 4/52

    Happy Sunday, lovely readers. Here Down Under, we’ve had a long weekend and it’s been nice to have some downtime. Although given I’ve been social almost every day, it’s not so…

  • Poetry

    Dying laughter

    Years ago, Their tiny home filled with warmth, joy and love; Laughter echoed through the walls, Banter ensued behind closed doors Then one day All was quiet Silence screamed through the…

  • gratitude

    Weekly gratitude 2018 3/52

    Happy Sunday everyone! I can’t believe it’s already Sunday. This week seems to have whizzed past. It’s been a busy week and predominantly a good one with lots to be grateful…

  • Poetry

    Darkness and Light

    When darkness sets on some days The fear is never again seeing the light You wish for time to whizz past While you sleep well into the night When darkness has…

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