The Crush

the crush

I steal a glance,
Walk past your way
Hoping you will
catch my eye
Sometimes you smile
and make my day
At other times,
you simply walk on by

I wait for you
to say a word
Share some pieces
of your life
Sometimes we chat
of things absurd
Like Hogwarts houses,
or cultural strife

I hear whispers
from those around
How you might feel
same as I
Sometimes I think
You’ll ask me more
But then you just
nod or smile

I am afraid
to speak my mind;
Express how I
feel about you
Sometimes it sucks
Being in my head;
I wish you’d tell me
how you feel instead

© Sanch V @ Sanch Writes (31 January 2018)

***Linking with Vinay and Reema for their Wednesday Verses prompt ‘afraid’***

Feature Image: Pexels

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