30 by 30 list – completed

1. Join a gym (Did it! 18.4.11. See here for details)

2. Reach goal weight and remain healthy (Done! Lost the weight around Jan 2013 and have maintained it as of March 2013)

3. Get my Australian citizenship (Got it: 16.07.10. See here for details)

4. Go camping. (Done! Read about my first ever camping trip here)

5. Start some private psych work conducting psychometric assessments (Tried, tested and quit. Realised I’m not suited for it)

6. Manage most of my anxiety

7. Go on a holiday by myself in Australia (Done. Read about my trip to Port Stephens here)

8. Make a new friend (offline) Done. I’d like to think M at work is a friend.

9. Meet a blog friend (Done on 17.03.12. See here for details)

10. Complete a reading challenge (Done 26.12.2011. See here for details)

11. Live by myself again  (Done for a month in June 2010 and hope to do it again in future)

12. Write a short story (Done 13.09.2010)

13. Volunteer/Donate to charity (Done)

  1. Have $6000 in savings

15. Go to a bar and have a drink by myself (Done 22.01.12 while waiting for a friend to join me)

16. Learn another language and be able to have a conversation with a native speaker

17. Be part of the audience at a TV show (Done 05.03.10. See here for details)

18. Buy a house/unit Done in August 2009

19. Get my full license (Done 17.12.11. See here)

20. See the snow for real (I saw snow on 27.12.13 for the very first time. Read about it here)

21. Attend at least 6 Meetups (via meetup.com) per year (Done on 02.06.10 and will be continued anyway)

22. Become an accredited Triple P trainer (Received final accreditation on 08.07.11)

23. Start paying back my parents (Well, I started! To be fair, I should’ve specified an amount. I’ll do that on the next list)

24. Become more assertive (I think I have become a lot more assertive: was able to tell a friend when I was unhappy about her behaviour, able to tell the ex-flatmate when I wasn’t pleased with her and I’m assertive at the workplace)

25. Get my parents and sister over to Australia for a holiday (See here for details)

26. Buy a new camera and take more pictures. Especially of things around me (Bought on 5.5.10)

27. Buy the entire DVD series of Monk and watch it (Bought 29.7.10 and finished watching 17.10.10)

28. Go for a bushwalk at least once a year (Went on 13.06.10, 2.10.10, 10.04.11)

29. Compile a bunch of resources for clients and parents and file them neatly (Done…not sure if they are ‘neat’ though!)

30. Get a pet cat or dog (whichever I am permitted)  (Done on 17.9.11. See Pebbles here)

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