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    Book Review: The Fall by Tristan Bancks

    Almost thirteen-year-old Sam is woken in the middle of the night by angry voices from the apartment above. He goes to the window to check out what’s happening, hears a struggle, and sees a body fall from the sixth-floor balcony. Sam, who is staying with his dad Harry for the week, goes to wake his dad up. Harry is a crime reporter, after all. But when Sam goes to Harry’s room, he sees he is all alone in the one-bedroom…

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    Weekly Gratitude 2018 7/52

    Happy Sunday everyone! My post is a bit late today because I’ve only just returned home an hour or so ago. This week has been interesting — frustrating the first few…

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    Anything but love

    He lurks in the shadows watching her every move; Confesses he loves her Though she does not approve He sends her gifts unwanted – Letters and cards galore, and only gets…

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    7 tips for the A to Z Challenge

    If you’re new to the blogging world or if you’ve just been hiding under a rock, you might not be aware of the A to Z blogging challenge. Let me enlighten…

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    Weekly Gratitude 2018 6/52

    Happy Sunday, lovely readers! I don’t know about you but this work week seemed like the longest week ever! By the time Friday rolled around, I was more than ready to…

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    On giving myself permission

    Last Monday, my alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. as it usually does. Having felt under the weather the day before, I had already warned my friend I was a ‘maybe’…

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    Weekly Gratitude 2018 5/52

    Hello lovely readers! It’s Sunday again and hopefully by now, you know that means I reflect on things I’m grateful for this past week. It’s been an interesting week; not as…

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