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    7 tips for the A to Z Challenge

    If you’re new to the blogging world or if you’ve just been hiding under a rock, you might not be aware of the A to Z blogging challenge. Let me enlighten you. Every year, in April, a bunch of bloggers participate in the A to Z blogging challenge. They blog for 26 days {Monday to Saturday} writing posts on each letter of the alphabet. A lot of bloggers choose a theme but some just go with the flow. I’ve participated…

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  • Blogging

    10 lessons in 10 years of blogging

    Ten years ago, while I was in my final year of Masters, I started this blog. While it had its origins on Windows Live Spaces in 2006, I moved over to…

  • A to Z Challenge

    2017 #AtoZReflections

    This year, I jumped on the A to Z wagon in March. I struggled initially with a theme and almost didn’t sign up because I thought there was no way I…

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