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    Capricorn reflections #FridayReflections

    When I was a teenager, I came across a book a friend had – Linda Goodman’s sun signs. Astrology has always been a laugh for me so I read it with interest. I turned to the chapter on my own sun sign – Capricorn. Her chapters were divided into knowing the man, woman, lover, child, boss etc. At that age, I turned to the Capricorn child. One line from that still stands out to me. It was something about the…

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  • Humour

    Why I need to be cloned

    Do you remember many many years ago scientists cloned a sheep? I think I was still in high school then. Somehow, after cloning the sheep, I can’t remember them doing much…

  • Humour

    Goodbye Tony. Thou shalt not be missed

    There once was a man called Tony Who pretended not to be a phoney He had a creepy laugh Was the king of his staff Until they realised he spoke baloney…

  • Feminism Fodder Humour

    Oh you distracting women

    Last week, along with most of Australia, I followed our cricketers’ woeful display against the English. The boys were all out for a measly 60 runs and it was so quick…

  • Humour

    Embarrassing songs on my iPod

    This is Kirsty‘s last week holidaying in the U.S. and I’ve been given the opportunity to host ‘I must confess‘ this week. We are talking about deep, dark secrets today and…

  • Blogging Humour

    Am I a stalker

    I have a page on this blog for the lovely blogs I follow. Just for fun, I’ve always called it Blogs I stalk. I update it every few months. Anyway, last…

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