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    Anything but love

    He lurks in the shadows watching her every move; Confesses he loves her Though she does not approve He sends her gifts unwanted – Letters and cards galore, and only gets more distressed if these she does ignore She’s meant to be with him; He’s a nice guy after all and if she chooses not to, he’ll call and call and call He can’t live without her; He says he’ll end his life if she continues to ignore him and…

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  • the crush

    The Crush

    I steal a glance, Walk past your way Hoping you will catch my eye Sometimes you smile and make my day At other times, you simply walk on by I wait…

  • Poetry

    Dying laughter

    Years ago, Their tiny home filled with warmth, joy and love; Laughter echoed through the walls, Banter ensued behind closed doors Then one day All was quiet Silence screamed through the…

  • Poetry

    Darkness and Light

    When darkness sets on some days The fear is never again seeing the light You wish for time to whizz past While you sleep well into the night When darkness has…

  • Poetry

    New Year’s Resolutions

    You promise to lose weight You vow to eat less cake You’ll eat only salads, skip the wine and booze You’ll hit the gym each day, wake at the crack of…

  • Poetry


    Man masculine, assertive earning, providing, fighting chiselled, leader, petite, follower caring, nurturing, forgiving feminine, submissive Woman (c) Sanch V @ Sanch Writes (27 December 2017)  Dabbling in some Diamante for only the…

  • lord of the files

    Lord of the Files #Barathon

    A busy firm with five hundred staff Yet, none with any organisational skills They stood around the cooler and loved to laugh Until one day they got snowed under bills To…

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